From Me

Painting equals a safe place for me in a world where I have never felt safe, even in my own skin.  Read anything, see any movie, play or TV show, listen to any lyric – almost every time there is the seeking of safety or security.  A few people seek danger, heroes seem fearless and take risks, but most of us need a safe place, a place to feel whole.

Creating this place for myself has always required the matching of mismatched edges: mine with those of the world.  I find myself bonding together broken fragments, making a new stronger whole structure out of things that were never meant to fit each other. 


About Me

Pasadena, CA  girl moves to NYC, stays thirty years.  Teaches math and science really well, becomes tri-state area private tutor of choice.  In the middle of all that re-discovers yearning to make art and discovers the Art Students League.  Studies there for several years with Peter Cox, Bruce Dorfman, Richard Pousette-Dart, William Scharf and Fredrick Wong.  Bit of a teacher’s pet sometimes, sometimes not.  Earns some awards.  Family ties pull her back west and she is back in Pasadena.  Hopes you like the art.


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